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Quick ways to KEEP CALM when STRESSED!

In today’s world, day to day life is full of low grade stress. We are so used to it that we do not realize that we are stressed. Although we do not show signs of stress, over a period of time the low grade stress creates havoc on our mental and physical health. Here are few quick ways to Keep Calm


Meditation has been one of the best ways to destress for years now. Meditation is hard at first try, to bring the disturbed mind to a peaceful state needs concentration. Many people try it once or twice and give it up. But meditation helps reverse signs of stress and helps your productivity. Set aside at least 10 minutes in a day to meditate and you will see the positive changes yourself


Exercise? Who has the time with all the stuff to do at work and back home? Do you know that endorphins the happy hormones get released when you exercise? You will be peaceful after a 30 minute workout session, be it jogging, running, walking, swimming or your special training workouts. The more we make exercise as routine in our day to day activities the more we can combat stress as it uses up the energy spiked up due to stress.


Yes you read that right! Eat your way to a good mood. Food rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, vegetables such as Potatoes and corn, Dairy like low fat yogurt, help you de-stress as they increase the production of mood enhancing chemical called Serotonin. Chocolates again are the best resort but keeping health in mind always opt for darker chocolates, so we can eat without the guilt.

Stay Away from Negativity

​Be it Self negative thoughts or people who share negative thoughts stay away. Do not be too hard on yourself. If you notice your inner self is judging you too hard for something simple, let go of the negative thoughts.

Drink Tea

Teas such as Valerian, Lemon Balm and Chamomile help you relax. If you are going through a tough stressful day at work, grab a cup of tea during the break. The tea will calm your nervous system and the tea break will do you good.

Sleep on it

I have always heard my mother say if you are upset sleep on it. Sleeping for 8 hours will definitely repair your body from the stress. Drinking the above mentioned tea before your sleep will also help with an undisturbed night’s sleep

Be Grateful

When we are stressed, it is easy for us to focus on the mistakes and negativity around us. Stay focused on the positive things; let it be small or big. Be grateful for all the good things that are happening. While staying grateful helps put things back into perspective, happiness helps de-stress.

Let us not overlook small signs of stress, depression, miss out on the emotional and physical signs of stress. Stay happy and stress free!

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